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How Coaches & Service Providers Have Been

Able to Easily Launch Multi-4 & 5-Figure Offers From

A simple, repeatable Instagram video visibility strategy that builds brand authority, connection, and takes dream clients from confusion to conversion no matter the high-ticket premium price point.

“I ended up one day booking a $7,500 dollars VIP day, and then the next day booking a $12,500 dollars rebrand.”

“I had more people inquiring about my one on one services than I had the capacity to support that month”

Reality Check: You Don’t Need to Be Popular for This to Work

This Strategy Works if You Trust the Process

Here are a few screenshots from my coaching clients who have planned and executed this powerful yet simple 3P Brand amplification formula content strategy used in the Booked Out CEO VIP day.

The High-Converting Premium Offer Launch Plan

That Will Help You Create Your Own Lane and Drive Consistent Income To Your Bank Account

(Download the Free 29-Page signature offer launch guide to get the full roadmap👇🏾)

Signature Offer Launch Guide
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Are you ready to be seen, sought after, and sold out?


Ma’am, it’s time to create your own lane & be in high demand.


Let me ask you something, how would it feel to have dream clients sliding into your DMs to work with you, because your video content took them from curious to serious about working with you?

Sound interesting? Great, keep reading.

Let’s stop trying all of the things to see what MIGHT work, and follow a proven content launch strategy that does work. And no, this is not another coaching program where you have to wait to get started and you don’t implement anything for weeks.

I mean a done-in-a-day, high-converting, repeatable, “I’m about to work with my dream clients,” launch plan.

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Booked Out CEO is a done-in-a-day, offer planning and customized launch strategy for your premium signature coaching program or service.

Specially crafted to guide and provide coaches, service providers, and strategists with high-visibility, brand authority-centered video launch content that magnetizes your dream clients, and gets you 90% of the way to the sale for your $3,000+ offer before you’ve even had a sales conversation 🙌🏾

The 5-Figure Launch Formula 💰

An offer that solves the most urgent problem

We start by narrowing down your MVPs (most valuable person, problem, and product) you can offer at a premium price point. We will then come up with a custom launch strategy to market that offer from the lead magnet to the live launch.

The Clear and Enticing Content Story

Together we’ll craft a story that will naturally guide your ideal clients from confusion and frustration to conversion and elation. Then I’ll deliver ready-to-record launch content that your ideal clients will binge, and be primed to invest.


I’ll show you how to incorporate and customize my 3-step powerful positioning strategy that is the secret ingredient to giving your offer an edge over your industry competitors. This brings you qualified leads on autopilot.

After just 1 day with Me Your Premium Offer

Could Be Launched & Sold Out

Signature Offer Launch Guide

Inside of this FREE 29-page guidebook, I’ll be sharing with you my 10-step signature offer launch plan that will be your roadmap to a booked-out launch.

It’s a repeatable, actionable plan that leaves out no detail of what needs to be included in your entire launch from the plan, to the launch calendar, all up and through the backend of your system (yes, email sequences and landing pages are discussed). In just 8-hours, your entire launch could be planned and ready for you to just show up and show out. Download the guide below 👇🏾

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Girl, I still feel the sting of my failed program launch.

I remember all too vividly creating an offer that everyone following me on Instagram said they wanted, proudly watching them flock to my waitlist only to launch and get zero applications.

I thought it was my launch strategy so I hired a coach and launched that sucker again with no luck until…

…I developed my 5-figure launch strategy that I repeat for every single launch of 1 premium offer that enrolls 3-4 new $4.5K clients every single month.

Are you over trying trendy marketing strategies that don’t feel authentic and quite frankly, don’t work that well either?

Once you implement my simple, video content marketing strategy that will build your brand authority, grow your following, attract qualified leads, and start your sales conversations…

…You will enjoy what my coaching clients experience on the regular. I’m just saying, we are constantly celebrating wins like:

💎 repeated invitations to guest coach, interview for podcasts, and speak at summits full of dream clients

💎 true brand intimacy with ride or die followers who can’t wait for the doors to open so they can work with you

💎 a strategy and arsenal of content to help you go from undervalued to an unstoppable industry force that commands attention and transforms perspectives

💎 DMs full of ready-to-work leads asking for the direct link to book so they can pay in full and get started ASAP

💎 Cash months that 2x-5x your corporate salary so much that you quit your job because you no longer need the pocket change it’s bringing in

To actually learn how to brand my business from a branding person was a major benefit of coaching with Latesha. Since going through the program I have launched a new signature coaching program that made $18,000 in the first round”

Dr. Micaela Herndon

Video Visibility Strategist

After working with Latesha, I was able to recognize what exactly my brand stood for, and I was able to be in the true power of knowing my brand… like I know myself. I was fully booked out within a month of implementing all of her wisdom!

Lauren Flowerday

Social Media Manager

Interested in my 5-Figure Launch Strategy? 

Signature Offer Launch Guide
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Ready to live launch like a seasoned veteran & enjoy Stripe notifications all month? Skip the line and